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What Makes
Aroma Wrap
Like No Other
Neck Wrap

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Welcome to the World of Aroma Wrap!

Aroma Wrap is the ONLY neck wrap in existence that allows you to personalize your aromatherapy experience by combining your favorite essential oils with the therapeutic benefits of the wrap. Our goal, with you in mind, was to create the finest neck wrap the industry has ever experienced.

We are confident, once you experience our product, you will never look at neck wraps the same again!


Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Lt-testimony-quoteOh my gosh this wrap is AWESOME!!! Takes away neck tension and the aroma is very relaxing and unique. Would recommend this product.
    Mark S
  • Lt-testimony-quoteMy girlfriend received an Aroma Wrap for Christmas and kept going on about how great it was but had never used essential oils before I just wasn't interested. After a few hours of having a migraine and waking up in my sleep numerous times my girlfriend forced me to use the Aroma Wrap with the peppermint oil between the heat therapy on my neck and the essential oil my migraine went away and I was able to sleep peacefully. As she heated the wrap up at 2 am I thought to myself this isn't going to work... I was wrong and I will be a customer for life!!
    Jaleel White
  • Lt-testimony-quoteThis Aroma Wrap is amazing! I have had similar products in the past, but nothing as high quality as this. The wrap is super soft, heavy quality, and so warm and fragrant when heated. It’s an amazing stress reliever, and really helps relax my shoulders after a long day. The essential oils and pocket for the cotton round is very convenient. After using mine the first day I got it, I have ordered two more. Great for birthday and mother's day gifts!Thank you again so much!
    Kim Egan
  • Lt-testimony-quoteMy hubby gave me an aroma wrap for Christmas! I LOVE it! I can't believe how long is stays warm and soothing. I use it on my neck and between my shoulders. The scent is very relaxing and I highly recommend it to anyone that plays tennis, works out, or just need it for meditation.
    Beth Heath
  • Lt-testimony-quoteAfter suffering from neck pain due to migraines and stress, I began searching the internet for help. I learned about the power of essential oils. When I discovered the Aroma Wrap, I knew I had to try it immediately! I am a believer! The heat, the comfortable wrap material, and the luscious essential oil, make me want to throw away my Advil bottle! Thanks for designing such an innovative way to use essential oils! I love my Aroma Wrap time in the evening!
  • Lt-testimony-quoteI truly enjoy using this wrap. I found it to be super relaxing after a long day at work. The heat and the aroma oils are very soothing. These wraps are a must have! I highly recommend!!
  • Lt-testimony-quoteI have used essential oils for some time now. I have also experienced similar wraps in the past but was not happy with the quality or how long they stayed hot. This wrap gets warm fast and stays hot! Plus with the addition of receiving aromatherapy with my new essential oils adds the healing benefit I was looking for in a neck wrap. Patients love it as well. Thanks Aroma Wrap!
    Dr. Mark DeBrincat
  • Lt-testimony-quoteMy neck & shoulders were stiff & aching after a hard day at work. I've been using a rice towel for years & tried my new aroma wrap, and wow, what relief. Between the heat of the wrap and the aroma of the oils, I felt completely relaxed. I can't wait to use it again. Thank you Aroma Wrap!!!
    Roxy H

Why Customers Love Our Aromatherapy Wrap & Essential Oils

Soothing Warmth Naturally Relaxes & Eases Muscle Tension

Cool Wrap Reduces Swelling & Elevated Body Temperature

Therapeutic Essential Oils Soothe Your Senses

Luxurious Material Surrounds You In Blissful Comfort

Microwave Or Freeze For Natural Relief

Our Helpful Customer Service Promptly Answers Your Questions