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Aromatherapy Fundraiser Football Team

My name is Luan Cosmo. In just a couple weeks, I was able to raise $250 for my football camp by sharing Aroma Wraps. If I can do it, you can do it…I am only 14 years old.

We are so excited you are here and exploring Aroma Wrap for your fundraising needs! We believe our product is on the cutting edge of giving people the 21st Century Advantage when it comes to fundraising.

If we are honest, we know that parents are really tired of buying the same old “over priced” options that have been being sent home with little Johnny for way too many years now. We decided it was long overdue for “little Johnny” to graduate and pass the torch to a new and exciting world of raising much needed funds…..welcome Aroma Wrap!!!




Learn how you can use Aroma Wraps for fundraisers.



Benefits of Fundraising with Aroma Wrap

Refreshing alternative to sweets and other "stale" worn out options, such as wrapping paper, candles, car washes, discount cards, etc.

Purchaser does not pay an "inflated" price on product (Aroma Wrap never charges more than current MSRP).

Embroidered school logo displays school pride (looks super cool too).

All season use - can be heated or cooled.

Unique gift idea that is embraced by both men and women (who among us does not enjoy the pampering on our stressed out neck and shoulders)

High Dollar Profits (requires that less units are sold to hit your goal, than other fundraisers).

Promotes healthy lifestyle by introducing a new and exciting way to enjoy aromatherapy/essential oils.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Percentage of Aroma Wraps profit is donated to fight sex trafficking

Multiple color combinations to choose from (we want everyone to be happy).

Complete as a kit including Aroma Wrap, 3 Essential Oil packs and 2 cotton rounds.

Aromawrap Fundraising Products

Aromatherapy Microwave Neck Wrap - Green

AromatherapyAromatherapy School Fundraiser

Aromatherapy Microwave Neck Wrap - Purple

Peer Fundraising Success

We did not set out to move into fundraising so quickly, but we could not resist when a 14 year old student in Georgia needed to raise money for football camp. He sold 21 Aroma Wraps in a 2 week span, raising a whopping $210. for his trip. Psst…..he only approached 27 teachers and 21 teachers purchased.

Talk about success! He has not even started to take the fundraiser “home” yet…where friends, neighbors, relatives can participate.

Doing simple math from above, let’s assume the example quoted is not the norm… you believe the average student could do half the amount? Let’s say each student moves 10 Aroma Wraps and there are 50 students participating on say the football team or band members. That is $5,000+ raised for that one financial need……that is a lot of candy bars, I’m just sayin.

Whether you are a school, church, non-profit, club, etc., let us help you reach your financial goal while at the same time helping us to rescue girls trapped in human trafficking.

If you are looking for an exciting fundraiser that incorporates a unique product line with your personalized embroidered school logo at a great value, give us a call (1-888-602-7662) or click the contact us button below. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you in your future fundraising needs. Please feel free to share our story/site with others who you know need help raising money. We are grateful for you sharing us with others, they will be as well.