Learn of Our Other Passion

Aroma Wrap has a passion that goes well beyond your comfort.

We have a passion to rescue young girls who are trapped in the nightmare of human trafficking. Something is terribly wrong in a culture when the average age of sex trafficking victims is 12 years old. It is time for this darkness to be exposed by our light.

Every time you purchase an Aroma Wrap product, we take a portion of our net profit and donate it to worthy organizations who are on the front lines fighting this fight.

Three of the top organizations we have chosen to lock arms with are www.streetgrace.org, www.outofdarkness.org, and www.a21.org:


We as a company were quite surprised when we learned how vast this problem is here in America and felt compelled to get involved, we hope you will as well. Here at Aroma Wrap can’t do everything, but we all can do something, and together our impact can change the world!

Thank you for caring enough to be a voice for those who have “temporarily” lost theirs.