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Aroma Wrap is a company that is committed to being at the forefront of innovation, that is why we are proud to announce our latest hot product line, the Aroma Pax!

Aroma Pax are individual “trial packs” filled with 20 plus drops of your favorite essential oils. We have picked 10 of the very best selling scents and packaged them in such a way that you can “go on a first date, without having to get married”. Why spend $10+ on a bottle of essential oil before you even know if you are going to like the scent/benefits? We felt it wise to keep the costs down for you (.99c) until you know you like that particular oil, then you can buy the bottle(s)…..good common sense. Each Aroma Pax comes with a built in “pour spout” which allows the drops to be dispensed one at a time. You may have walked into a local health store selling essential oils and they have “tester bottles”. This may not be the most sanitary choice, kind of like getting a huge dessert and one fork for a party of 7 to share…can you say “check please”.

Also, another great benefit to the Aroma Pax is you can take the pax home with you and use them when/where the time is right (I.E. One of the common uses of Citronella is for keeping those pesky mosquitos at bay…take pax with you to the outdoors event).

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