Aroma Wrap Luxury Hot/Cold Neck Wrap
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Aroma Wrap Luxury Hot/Cold Neck Wrap


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Aroma Wrap has worked meticulously to bring you the very finest neck wrap ever created! From the moment you take it out of the box, prepare to fall in love all over again. Using ultra soft fabrics and best engineered design features, you will enjoy your Aroma Wrap for years to come. Combining essential oils with the long known benefits of neck wraps, gives us a glimpse of how excited the person who first put peanut butter on one piece of bread and jelly on the other must of felt….seriously, this wrap is that delicious!

  • Only wrap that allows you to add your favorite essential oils for a personalized aromatherapy experience like no other. Simply add a few drops onto provided cotton rounds and slip rounds into cuffs on end of sleeve for ultimate aromatherapy bliss. So if you have a headache, may we suggest Peppermint Oil. Suffering from a cold/sinus issues, try Eucalyptus Oil. Light bulb should be going off about now….smile.
  • Removable/Washable Sleeve (keeps your wrap as a constant companion for the long haul)
  • 5 Separate natural herb and grain filled inner chambers which allows for complete coverage of the aching and tense muscle relief areas in neck and shoulders….Psst (cheapies from far away lands have inside filling sliding all over the place except where you desire).
  • Pass through pocket for securing wrap on neck/shoulders (no more holding handles and creating more tension in area you are seeking relief).
  • Use as a heated or cooled wrap (all seasons of enjoyment and refreshment). Simply microwave when seeking the moist heat benefit and place in freezer for a soothing cool down experience.
  • Product weight is under 2 lbs. (sorry, our product does not qualify for a dumb bell replacement for you athletic types).
  • All natural herbs/grains (Rice, Flaxseed, and Lavender Buds). Psst…if you have an old one filled with synthetic micro beads, all is not lost…you can rip it open with the family and have a major spit ball party together.
  • Great heat retention (30 minutes plus) per 90 seconds in microwave. Sorry, you may not lose as much weight with our product seeing that we won’t have you running to the microwave every 5 to 10 minutes (smile).
  • Baby blanket soft and fashionable all in one……your spouse will be impressed on how good looking you are when you wake the next morning with wrap still on (they may not even notice your morning breath…no promises on this one though).
  • 4 Beautiful Color Combinations to choose from (guys and gals both loving life in style).
  • In addition to your wrap, Aroma Wrap is hand picking 3 Aroma Pax (20 drops of pure essential oil in each) and also including 2 cotton rounds.  NOTE: 3 scents of trial packs may vary from those shown in photo on site, based on in stock availability.
  • Unique and one of a kind gift for him/her.

Heated Aroma Wrap

All microwaves vary in wattage, thus, we recommend placing your Aroma Wrap in a clean microwave for 60 seconds. If it is still not warm enough, add heat in 30 second increments until desired heat level is achieved.

Your Aroma Wrap should stay comfy warm for 30 to 40 minutes.

If you want to warm up your Aroma Wrap . . . just place your wrap in the microwave for 30 second increments until your wrap is warm.

CAUTION: Please be careful and don’t over heat your Aroma Wrap. The herbs and grains in your wrap can burn.

Cool Aroma Wrap

Place your Aroma Wrap in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours to cool.

Doctors often recommend RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) for sprains to reduce swelling. Aroma Wrap can be part of your emergency supplies.

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I have used essential oils for some time now. I have also experienced similar wraps in the past but was not happy with the quality or how long they stayed hot. This wrap gets warm fast and stays hot! Plus with the addition of receiving aromatherapy with my new essential oils adds the healing benefit I was looking for in a neck wrap. Patients love it as well. Thanks Aroma Wrap!

Dr. Mark DeBrincat

Absolutely the best product on the market. I used the Aroma Wrap at work and instantly the heat therapy gave me such a relaxing sensation. I AM IN LOVE!! Everyone needs an Aroma Wrap!!!

A. Kilgore

I am truly overwhelmed by how this Wrap makes me feel…It is everything and much more that is written about and feel everyone regardless of age should invest in product. After using it I have decided to sell the product …great Creation here and will certainly make the Created rest better and feel better for life…Thank you

Roger K

Aroma Wrap is the most luxurious wrap you will ever purchase! With the innocuous gentle scent of essential oils added, your shoulder and neck will be taken care of for hours! I love my Aroma wrap and plan on adding more essential oils in the future! All I can say is WOW!


I received my Aroma Wrap as a birthday gift just in time! I had a cold with congestion. I was raised on Vicks being slathered all over my chest and neck in order to help relieve my breathing along with a plastic covered heating pad that never stayed in place and smelled up the whole room. Once I touched this wrap I knew already it’s softness along with the warmth to my liking was going to be awesome. I was right! Once I warmed it up to my temperature I then added the amount of my essential oil to the round pads and placed in each cuff. As it fit around my neck so comfortably I immediately felt the relaxation. It’s warmth along with the essential oil that only I could enjoy did the trick. No one else around me was complaining of the smell of medicine nor was I unable to move round without any problems. This is it! I no longer have to deal with smelling up the room and can freely walk around or roll over with no problem. My whole family will love this and I intend on telling everyone I know about it!


The guy who said happy wife, happy life must have come up with that saying after buying an Aroma Wrap for his wife. My wife absolutely love’s it. Thank You Aroma Wrap!!!!! You have made me very happy.